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The Creation of the California Office of Attorney General


The California Office of the Attorney General was founded in 1850. It was formed in order to implement an adequate structure for the law enforcement system at the time which was not up to the standard at which it should have been.


The Changes We’ve Witnessed

Since 1850, the Office of the Attorney General has developed over the years through various stages of legislative advancements. This includes the formation of the California Constitution and the state-federal codes which determined the responsibilities of each Attorney General who served in the state; the changes in the Attorney General’s duties as required by state-specific needs which were stipulated through legislative decrees, and the ambitions and ideals of those who have previously been the Attorney General of the state of California.


The Reasons for Change

In the history of the California government, the Office of the Attorney General has undergone the most revisions compared to the majority of the state government. The formation and development of the California Attorney General Office have been compared to that of the houses which were once built overnight in the city of San Francisco.


The Power of the Attorney General Office

However, it went from being a poor and dilapidated city to a thriving one as seen today with its architectural greatness. Which is a prime example of just how the California Office of the Attorney General went from zero in 1850 to playing a pivotal role in the authority of California’s law enforcement system in the 21st-century.

Since its founding in 1850, there have been over thirty Attorney Generals who have proudly served in office governing the law enforcement system of the state of California. All ensuring that justice is always the top priority for all the citizens of the state.