We decided to list a few additional reading resources which will provide further clarification regarding the topics we have covered on our site.

California Real Estate Law – 5th Edition

Author: William Pivar

This book is well-known for its enlightening perspective on real estate laws and its all-inclusive state-distinctive information. William Pivar has compiled an analytical view of the most current legal movements from consumer protection to marketing liabilities.

A list of chapters covered in the book includes the nature and cycle of California real estate finance, federal and state financial regulations, defaults and foreclosure, and much more.


California Real Estate Law – 7th Edition

Author: Ted H. Gordon

If you’re looking for straightforward explanations of real estate laws which have been revised and updated, this is the book for you. The book covers everything from broker liability, the rights of both landlords and tenants, hazardous waste, and seller disclosure laws. Included in this edition are practice tests as well as easy clarification on several frequently applied areas of law.


Selected Standards on Professional Responsibility

Authors: Thomas D. Morgan & Ronald D. Rotunda

The standards of professional responsibility are discussed at length in this books focusing on the judicial and legal ethics in New York and California as governed per by the American law system. It also includes a section based on the national laws of professional codes of conduct.


The State Bar of California: California Rules of Professional Conduct, The State Bar Act

This edition of the State Bar Act of California deals strictly with comprehensive explanations of model attorney codes of conduct.